Directions on how to reach us

Looking for a home church, or looking for a church to attend while in Baguio? Feel free to drop by. All willing to attend are welcome.


Taking a cab is a quick and convenient way to visit us.

Advise the taxi driver to take you to Palma street, first road. The church is on the right side of the street if heading down Palma street. Taxi fare from Session Road to the church should be around 80 PHP.


If you find yourself near Baguio City Hall or the West side of Burmham Park, you can walk to the church as well. We are a brisk 5 to 10 minute walk from these locations. Check the map below, click on the "directions" button, and indicate where you're coming from. Follow the directions given by Google Maps.


When bringing a vehicle, we would advise you to arrive early, as finding parking can be difficult.

Location map